• I always skate with gloves.
  • I respect the turning way of the skaters.
  • I can take advices from the organizers team.
  • I respect other skaters and move aside them to overtake or stop.
  • I don’t make speed competition.
  • I don’t make a chain with other skaters.
  • I don’t make or throw snow balls or any other projectile.
  • I leave the ice rink when asked for the cleaning and come back only when authorized.
  • I must wear ice skates to be on the ice rink.
  • I don’t smoke on the ice rink.
  • I don’t eat nor drink on the ice rink.
  • I leave the priority to the skater ahead me.
  • I don’t do anything stupid or dangerous.
  • I don’t span or sit on the railings.
  • I use the equipments with caution and take care of it.

The owner of the ticket admit he has readed and accepted this chart. The payment of the access ticket be worth the acceptence of those rules. The organisation team is allowed to ask any user who don’t follow the rules to go out, without refund. The ice rink is not watched : children are under the responsibility of their parents. The organizer is not responsible for any problem or any physical injury.